2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Does anyone else feel like this year flew by in a blink? We've all had to deal with the crazy social, political and health issues this year but luckily the year is almost over and holiday season is upon us! We hope that you are spending this time giving thanks for all that you have been blessed with and there is no better time to make a positive change to your lifestyle and share the gift of healing with your loved ones.

We have compiled 5 gift ideas that we hope help make your holiday shopping easier this 2020!

1) CBD Bath Salts Trio
Perfect trio for the bath lovers in your life! Soak away the stress and let the aromatherapy ease your tension. This set comes with 3 amazing scents each with 150 mg CBD to help you relax and recover: Vanilla, Rose and Eucalyptus

2) CBD Roller Ball Collection
The complete CBD roller ball collection features our signature 5 scents. These are perfect to add to your daily routine or share with your friends. Each scent has 200 mg of CBD to help alleviate your symptoms of stress, pain, inflammation or restlessness.

3) CBD Stress Relief Set
This perfect trio is great if you're new to our products and want to try out a variety of top sellers. This set contains a solvent-free CBD tincture, CBD roller ball and CBD bath salts so you can enjoy their complete therapeutic effects in combination.

4) CBD Sleep Dreams Set
This perfect duo features the natural sleep remedy roller ball Sleep with our 5000 mg Restore solvent-free tincture. This set is hands down the best for anyone dealing with insomnia or restless nights. One of our best selling sets ever!

5) CBD Tincture Collection
The complete set of our CBD tincture collection set is a luxurious set to gift this holiday season. Add solvent-free tincture to your lifestyle and feel the benefits of CBD therapy on pain, inflammation, anxiety, muscle aches, and more. This set comprises of Calm 250 mg, Uplift 500 mg, Energy 1000 mg, Balance 2000 mg, and Restore 5000 mg so you can indulge or share these with your family and friends.

Bonus) CBD Canada Gift Cards
If you know someone who would love our collection but aren't sure which products to choose, why not purchase an online gift card? We can always directly answer any questions or assist the recipient with any product decisions or inquiries.

That's it for our top 5 picks this holiday season! We are thrilled with all the love we have received since our launch and hope that everyone will feel well rested and relaxed with only a few weeks of 2020 left.

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