5 tips for Motivation

It’s Monday and we’re talking about motivation to be productive for the week! How do you stay motivated to your goals and tasks? Do you stick to a routine?

We’re sharing 5 tips to make the start weekly routine easier to jump start:

1. Prepare for the week ahead (plan on Sunday evenings and get a good night’s rest)
We like to spend an evening the week prior to plan out content ideas, tasks lists and goals for the week. We’ll also jot down any ideas or topics we want to further research or touch base on. Preparation is half the battle to reach your goals and helps us stay motivated by organizing our upcoming week. Using a calendar and to do list app with reminders helps alert us so that we don’t forget. 

2. Create a list of tasks in order of priority/urgency (stick to your list!)
Every day we make a to do list of tasks that need to be completed that day and another general one for the week. This helps us stick to our goals and we can easily cross off what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done. We find this helps us visualize our work throughout the week.

3. Focus on one thing at a time
It’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed when you have so many things you want to accomplish. With our to do lists, we try to stick to one task at a time until completion rather than multi tasking since this often leaves uncompleted or half finished projects. This also makes it easier to feel motivated once a task has been successfully completed so that we can move onto the next step. 

4. Remember your purpose & goals (make sure your goals are within reach)
Oftentimes we create goal lists that are simply too broad or unattainable. Reminder to be realistic and that it may take more steps to reach your desired outcome. Starting with baby steps is important to stay motivated. 

5. Review your performance
At the end of each week, we review what tasks and goals have been reached and which ones we still want to work or expand on. We suggest doing this every month end so that you can get a complete picture of what you have done and see your productivity every week. 

We hope these tips helped this Monday and motivates you to keep at it!

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