CBD oil turned pink or purple?

Did you take a leap of faith and decided to give CBD a try? Or maybe you’re already a firm believer in its healing benefits? After a few months of use, has your clear or yellow CBD oil suddenly turned pink or purple?

Do not fear because this is normal and happens because of the polyphenol oxidase enzyme found in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oils. Polyphenol oxidase is a naturally occuring antioxidant commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

Since CBD cannot be absorbed well into the human body without the assistance of fats, it often gets combined with oil to be better absorbed into the bloodstream. High quality CBD oils tend to amalgamate CBD with cold pressed MCT oil which has polyphenol oxidase that turns to pink or purple when exposed to oxygen or sunlight.

This doesn’t affect the quality of your CBD oil and it can still be used as directed. You should only be concerned by a color change if it turns brown or there are particles and sediment in your tincture. This means that the solution may have expired or been contaminated. 




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