CBD Trends in 2022

What’s trending in the CBD industry in 2022? 

We’ve been keeping an eye out for what’s upcoming and on the rise for CBD in 2022, here are the top 4 categories:

CBD skin care & topicals:

CBD has been shown to have great anti-inflammatory properties making it effective to reduce redness, acne scarring/flare ups, eczema & calm down the skin. If you check out Sephora you'll have seen a multitude of serums, moisturizing creams and skin oils infused with CBD to help treat cosmetic skin issues.

If you experience muscle/joint tension and soreness, CBD creams, salves & topical oils are perfect if you want to directly target the affected areas and tissues. These have been highly popular even before 2022 and they're here to stay.

    CBD beverages like tea, coffee & sports drinks:

    If you follow our Instagram you’ll have definitely seen our CBD + tea recipe reels and know that it's one of our favourite ways to get our CBD in! In the new year we've seen more CBD infused coffee & sports drinks flood the market and we’ve even seen CBD infused spirits. Which would you be your drink of choice?

      CBD gummies & edibles:

      The great thing about CBD edibles is you never have to worry about the intoxicating feeling you get if you’ve ever had a THC edible (send help, am I right?). CBD gummies, chocolates and even chips are more popular than ever and great for those who may want to treat themselves to a relaxing evening and prefer to eat their CBD. Even though CBD does not have intoxicating effects, remember to always start low and go slow!

        CBD capsules & transdermal patches:

        Capsules and patches are quick & convenient if you are looking for a smoke-free or low calorie alternative (or maybe you just don't enjoy administering CBD oil sublingually). There are brands that even offer vegan cellulose capsules so everyone can enjoy the healing effects of CBD.

        Transdermal patches are adhered to the skin to allow CBD to absorb across the skin as a slow release method over a matter of days to target the direct treatment area. This can be great if you forget to take your CBD dose every day or don't want to ingest or inhale CBD.


        Which is your favourite way to take CBD? Have you seen other interesting and new products infused with CBD, let us know in the comments! Be sure to follow our Instagram @cbdcanadanet to see our CBD recipes for fun and new ways to try CBD

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