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Energy Tincture

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CBD Canada

Energy 1000 mg CBD Solvent-Free Tincture

30 mL

~33 mg CBD per 1 mL

Feeling tired? Need a boost? Great for everyday use to give you that push to get through the day! Perfect for before or after a work out to enhance energy levels as well as relieve muscle and joint pain/tension, inflammation and mental fatigue so you can stay focused.

*Due to natural oxidation the tincture may change color over time but it is safe to still use
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Helps with muscle recovery and pain

Me and my girlfriend have both been using CBD for a year now to help with muscle recovery and muscle pain. The energy CBD oil helps a lot and has changed our pre game and care for after a gruesome work out at the gym

A good staple to have

The Energy CBD oil is effective, has no taste good (a lot of other brands have a weird bitter taste) and a good staple to have along with other CBD Canada products. I’m all for combining their products to get the most effective results.

It blends wonderfully in a matcha milk latte and tastes great!

Every morning, I put half a dropper in my latte, I mix everything together with a spoon. It's easy to use and tastes fantastic!

Helps with PMS cramps

Amazing for cramps, I have severe cramps around that time of month and the Energy tincture has helped managed my pain. Defiantly recommend

Reduces pain from Gout

This is my second order of the Energy CBD tincture. I have gout and found that CBD helps so much with the pain. The quality of this product is excellent, and the customer service is outstanding! Thank you for going above and above!

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